Monday, August 22, 2016

Developing Student Leaders Is Not Rocket Science....BUT, It's a Must!

I believe with all my heart the most important thing we do apart from helping students come to know Christ and walk with the Lord in a church is to develop student leaders. They multiply our ministry, bring spiritual gifts the College Minister does not possess, and touch the lives of students we would never even see.

It has been my goal and attempt to put in a very succinct form in an eBook how I believe we can develop leaders. It is just the plain every day way I have practiced it for every year I have served on campus. It can be read in an hour and I hope will benefit you for the entire year....and years to come. It is not a rocket science book, but rather just plain every day ways to identify and work with student leaders.

As stated in some of my earlier Blogs, I genuinely believe that student leaders both multiply our time, outreach and we are building up the church of the future. It has been my attempt to make each "Tip" stand alone. So, it is not even necessary to read the entire 25 Tips, but simply to read those most specific to your situation or current question.

Some years ago, people started asking why we had so many students going into full time vocational ministry. My first response was genuinely, "I don't know other than it is just the Lord.". While I still believe it was the Lord I have come to believe and understand that God uses individual investment in students in a powerful way. Our student leaders told us that our individual meetings with them were the most valuable thing we did.

25 Tips is being offered at the introductory price of 99 cents. It is also possible to read for free a few pages simply by clicking on the link on the book page. Go to Kindle eBooks and type in "25 Tips for Developing Student Leaders" or go to

Whatever you do, I hope your ministry is identifying and developing student leaders.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Legal Issues for College Ministers

Although none of us in College Ministry like or want to think about it, we must be aware of legal issues that could affect us. Here is a quick view of three legal issues College Ministers must keep in mind. This is a quick summary of information provided by State College Ministry leaders Joe Graham of Georgia and Bruce McGowan of Texas at the Glorieta College Ministers conference. My purpose is to alert you to issues you may need to further consider and investigate. This is in no way a complete view of the issues and I am certainly not an attorney.

1. Travel Issues

Know the difference between "Direct Volunteers" and "Indirect Volunteers".
Your insurance likely distinguishes between them. Direct volunteers are those under your supervision. Indirect are those you send to serve somewhere else. Liability follows the vehicle first. Beware who you hand the keys to.

Vans and Mini-Buses - Most 15 passenger vans assembled before 2012 will NOT pass the "mice type" of a liability policy. Most model years since 2012 will-BUT only if you do not allow passengers to occupy the back seat (effectively turning a 15 passenger van into an 11 passenger). Typically, mini-buses will meet the stipulations. Check your policy to see if trailers are excluded.

2. A BCM in Georgia received a bill for $528 for using a picture on their website they found on the Internet to promote a mission trip. After some back and forth, they did not have to pay in this instance. Be careful what you use! There are programs that search the Internet looking for use of protected images.

3. Child Protection Issues must be considered in instances where your students work with children. Consider having these volunteers go through a "Ministry Safe Certification". One practice is to always have two adults (not of the same family) present. Ministry Safe is a Texas company that specializes in training and information for these type issues.

Monday, August 15, 2016

SBC Collegiate Ministry Figures Released - 2015-2016 School Year

Total Number of BCM Ministries - 860
Total Number of Staff - 975 (696 full time)
Total Number Involved - 86,706
Total Students Impacted - 615,965
Total Number of Students Who Accepted Christ - 3,989
Other Salvations Thru BCM Ministries - 6,643
Total Salvations Thru BCM - 10,632
Total Number of Small Group Bible Studies - 9,472
Total of All Contributions to Missions thru BCM - $6,372,647.24
Total Church Staff with Some Form of Collegiate Ministry Responsibility - 1,063
Churches with Full Time College Only Positions - 270

Other Interesting Figures:

1 in 17 students involved in BCM are preparing for Church Related Vocations.
1 in 5 students involved in BCM are International students.
1 in 19 students involved in BCM served in Summer or Semester Missions.
1 in 9 students served on a short term mission trip.
1 in 2 students in BCM are involved in Discipleship/Small group Bible Study.

Send Mudout Teams or Donate to Help Louisiana Flood Victims Thru BCM

Approximately 35,000 to 40,000 homes have been damaged by the flooding in Louisiana. They need mudout teams to tear out carpet, carry out damaged furniture and rip out sheetrock. Student teams will be housed and fed the weekends of August 19-21, August 26-28, and September 2-4. They would come in on Friday night, work Saturday and Sunday, and leave to go home Sunday afternoon or evening according to your travel distance.

Ways or Places You Can Help Flood Victims in Louisiana:

Lafayette Area:
Contact Joe Wood at or text 337.224.1915 (University of Louisiana, Lafayette).

Contact Steve Masters at or text 225.964.0830

Donations may be sent to:

Collegiate Ministry Department - Flood Relief
P.O. Box 311
Alexandria, Louisiana 71309

Louisiana Baptists Asking for College Teams to Help with Flood Damage

Louisiana Baptists are asking for campus ministry Disaster Relief Teams for the next two weekends. They will provide housing and meals. Some have said they think the damage for south Louisiana will be "worse than Hurricane Katrina".

If you are interested in taking a student team, to request more information or to make definite arrangements, contact LSU Baptist Campus Minister, Steve Masters. Email him at or text him at (225)964.0830.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Multiplier Effect in College Ministry?

Roughly defined a multiplier is an expenditure that returns way more than it costs you. For those in College Ministry, we are always looking for something to multiply our time, multiply our resources, and multiply the response, etc.

Without a doubt, the multiplier in College Ministry is the development of student leaders. Student leaders impact students the College Minister could never touch. Student leaders bring gifts to the ministry the College Minister does not have. A wider variety of students can be touched, reached, and involved in a ministry more than any one College Minister could ever do. But, it is an investment of time and intentionality to enlist, develop and pour into student leaders. But, that investment of time multiplies the investment.

Three things we have to do to create this multiplier:

1. Look for students who have potential to lead and challenge them as to how God can use them in the days and years to come.

2. Walk with them and teach them how to lead. Help them process their experiences and learn from them. Help them deal with negative experiences. I do not subscribe to the "sink or swim" theory of leadership training. Too many sink and never come back.

3. Trust them to lead in their areas of leadership. Encourage, guide, but don't micromanage.

Check out my new eBook, "25 TIPS FOR DEVELOPING COLLEGE MINISTRY LEADERS" on Amazon.

Friday, July 29, 2016

7 Tips for Doing Freshmen Ministry

Doing a specialized and intentional Freshmen Ministry is the single best way to reach more students and impact more students for Christian faith.


1. Freshmen are more available than any other group of students on your campus.

2. Many students shipwreck their lives during their freshman year.


1. Freshmen are looking for friends and fun. They go where the potential is for friends and fun.

2. Freshmen develop their friendships and habits during the first three weeks. College Ministries must make the most of those first three weeks.

3. Seven of ten freshmen do not connect to any spiritual group at college even though they were active in their church as a high school senior.

4. Some Freshmen violate their personal moral code early in the year and this guilt helps push them away from their faith.

5. Many Freshmen will have doubts raised due to questions asked by new friends or professors in class.

6. Freshmen are overwhelmed managing their life and adjustment. Your ministry can offer practical help.

7. Freshmen must understand that doubt and questions are not contrary to healthy faith.

Plan to spend wisely extravagantly for the start of the fall semester for events that will connect with freshmen.

Individual follow-up is key. Make it a goal for someone to have an individual connection with a freshman within 24 hours of attending one of your events,

Train your upper class students to invite, bring and welcome new students. The number one reason students say they attended a Christian event the first time was that someone invited them.

Present the gospel to students who have never heard it.

Don't over announce. The more you announce, the less students hear and remember.