Thursday, February 3, 2011

A great Idea for Church College Ministers

One of the issues for students today is not knowing what they want to do or how their major fits with real life.  Zach Allen, college minister at 1st Baptist, Tallahassee, told me he has a lunch once a year for students and they are seated at a table with people out of the church who do what their major is.  The Accounting people all sit with a CPA; the Pre-law folks sit with some attorneys, etc.  What a great idea. 

Besides helping them with career and life thoughts, it connects them to someone in the church other than just their peers.  Way to go Zach!  It might even dawn on those students to reach out to students and befriend them when they are "the old folks" at the church.

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  1. again, Arliss!! Where have you been my whole life?? oh yeh, at ASU!! This is brilliant and simple! Props to Zach ... and we are so stealing it!