Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 Ideas for Connecting with and Reaching College Guys

1. Have a monthly guys lunch event...if you have a facility and the food doesn't have to be gourmet..just plenty. You or someone talk about or lead a discussion on a guy topic.

2. Have Friday "Guys Meet for Lunch". No program. Each week pick a particular guys type restaurant (fried or buffet or meat). Announce at your weekly event or on Facebook and twitter where it will be this week. UofA Campus Minister Cole Penick has a "Guys Victory Lunch".

3. Have A Guys Retreat. Daniel Berry formerly at UK did this well. The menu was very manly.....cheeseburgers on donuts for breakfast. Friday supper is breakfast with eggs, pancakes and of course sausage and bacon.

4. Be intentional about guys sharing testimonies, leading in prayer.....not guys only, but not girls only at your main vent. Do guys see other guys leading out in your ministry?

5. Take a group to a pro sporting event.

6. Fall Monday nights have Monday night football on the big screen with a Bible study at half time. One church in Texas built their whole College Ministry around this idea.

7. Have a Freshmen guys intramural football team. Lots of guys played in high school, but aren't sure how to get hooked up to play intramurals.

8. Have a guy and girl leader for each Bible study group.

9. Enlist 10 guys to paint up for a campus sporting event. Feed them before or after.

10. Have a Friday afternoon golf tournament at a cheap public course with prizes for highest score, funniest shot,
Most putts on one green, etc. You might even come with some old sets for guys who have never played to borrow.

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