Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Accusation: I'm Old Fashioned in College Ministry

Recently, I was accused of being old fashioned in my College Ministry. Let me plead guilty on several counts:

-I don't wear gel in my hair.

-I don't have black frame glasses and I usually wear my shirt tucked in.

-During the music worship time before I speak when the lights are doing different crazy Tech Team then turns on the mirror ball....and I flinch!

-We don't use a professional worship band...We use students to train them for future service.

-I still hug students; I was told years ago I shouldn't do this.

-I think churches make a mistake when they separate their College Ministry from the rest of the church.

-We don't try to reach out to just the pretty and popular students and we have all kinds.

-I still believe it works best when campus based ministries and church based ministries cooperate rather than competing.

Yep; I'm guilty of all those things.

1 comment:

  1. Then I'm old fashioned too!...except for the hair product.