Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Characteristics of a Growing Collegiate Ministry"

Mike Woodruff, formerly the head of Ivy jungle, developed this list in his observation of collegiate ministries all over the country and from all denominational and non-denominational affiliations. It is shared with Mike's permission.

1. Staffed by people who genuinely love Christ, students and the university.
2. Located close to campus-meeting on or near campus.
3. Evangelical or Pentecostal in theology.
4. Led by a strong, passionate leader capable of sharing the vision, long tenure.
5. Have a vision for growth. They talk about it, get wired for it and don't accept the status quo.
6. Growth happens in the fall, especially the first month. Spend most of their marketing budget on events the first month or two. Make it easy and desirable for students to attend groups first meetings.
7. Ethnic specific. Speak the same language; sing the same songs.
8. Provide students with a sense of community. Create a sense of group identity.
9. Non-denominational or make it very clear the group is an open fellowship.
10. Strong worship component-must be quality, up to date and music is a big part of that.
11. Provide students with an opportunity to serve.
12. Already big-the first 25 or first 50 or first 200 is the hardest.
13. Have pushed past the growth barriers that might exist.
14. Have figured out how to get along with the university.
15. Find multiple opportunities for students to lead and take ownership.
-discern who those students are that lead others and cultivate them.
16. Have figured out how to use adult volunteers - specific interest matched with student need.

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