Monday, February 20, 2012

"Characteristics and Skills of an Effective Leader"

1. Integrity (models /demonstrates what he/she says)
2. Personal Discipline (studies, prepares, commitment to excellence)
3. Courage (willing to take an unpopular stand and confront when necessary)

1. Team Building (not a one person show/helps others buy in and share ownership)
2. Task Focus (able to see what needs doing and keep the main thing the main thing)
3. Team member development (helping each develop and enhance their unique God-given
Gifts and abilities)

Monday, February 6, 2012

The "Secret" of Successful Church Ministry to Collegiates

I have never been a church college minister, but I watched a ton of them and been priviledged to know some of the best. I got the "secret" from them.

The success of all college ministries ultimately is what students do with their life after college in terms of honoring the Lord with their lives and being a significant part of a church.

A few years back I visited with the college minister for a church in Seattle that had 1500 students attending their worship (not in the Bible belt). And I have talked with my friend Bruce Venable, college minister at FBC, Lubbock where they have as many as 700 at their Sunday worship.

Their "secret" is adult volunteers. They teach, mentor and connect with a wide variety of students. They have them in their homes; they feed and love them. My Seattle friend told me he had 175 adult volunteers! First Baptist, Lubbock has volunteers who have taught in their university Sunday School for years.

I stood in the back of the sanctuary of my church a few weeks ago and an adult who had been a student in our church and was back for a funeral shared how just being there reminded her of the families that had been her "adopted family" who had meant so much to her personally and faith wise.

The more adult volunteers churches have connecting to students the richer that ministry is. The secret is is adult volunteers.....of all ages!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Day of the "Big Show" is Over!

I have been in a college ministries meeting this week where one of the "experts" said the "day of the big show is over"in terms of students going to the church that has the big speaker, lights and band is ending. This person says they see students trending back to the churches that connect them to families and home-cooked meals, etc.

If that is correct, that is good news for a wider variety of churches in reaching students and for long term students staying connected to church following college days.

Do YOU think the "Big Show" is over or ending where you are?