Monday, November 28, 2016

A Million Dollars for College Ministry by December 31!

One million dollars has a nice ring to it! If you work in College Ministry or if God used it in your life, the thought of one million dollars given to College Ministry by the end of the year is exciting and encouraging.

Who is this benefactor? Who is doing what we all wish we could do? Simple: it is you and me! Wait you say, obviously you have my bank account confused with someone elses. Here is the deal, if 40,000 of us give just $25 to the College Ministry that blessed us in college, that is $1 Million. That's's that simple. No one has to have won the lottery or sell their house. Give $25 and encourage others you know to do the same.

What ministry is promoting this or who benefits from this? That's up to you.....I am a BCM/BSU guy, so I will be giving to a BCM ministry that blessed me. But, you might have been part of a Cru ministry, Wesley, FCA, Chi Alpha, Student Mo, MBSF, or one that was just on your particular campus.

Spread the word. Share the hashtag #Givetwentyfive.

If you are a College Minister,

-Spread the word to your alums.

-Pass the word to other ministries on your campus....Givetwentyfive. Let's do all we can to benefit everyone!

-Make sure people know how they can give to your giving on line an option. Let people know how to do it.

If you are a College Ministry Alum,

-Just give $25 by check, cash or thru On-line Giving. Use the hashtag, #Givetwentyfive.

-Spread the word on social media....."A Million Dollars for College Ministry". #Givetwentyfive

-Be part of this national movement. It's not Baptist, Methodist, Assembly, or Non-Denominational. It is a movement to bless the college campuses of America.....and to encourage all those who do College Ministry!

Give $ is as simple as that.....and punch your old college roommate....they can do it too! #Givetwentyfive

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