Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Don't Forget the 7 Reasons Collegiates Attended a Ministry the First Time!

As you get ready to start your semester and to train/work with your student leaders, don't forget the top 7 Reasons 400 plus students surveyed says they went the first time.

7. Website 10%

6. Mail 12%

5. Social media 17%

4. Advertising 34%

3. Food 35%

2. An appealing event 46%

1. Someone invited me 77%

Obviously, this adds up to more than 100%, so it is often more than one thing that goes into their attending the first time.

2 Questions to Ask:
1. Have I done my best to have the most possible appealing events for start of school?

2. Am I developing an "Invite Mentality" among my students?

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