Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Common Characteristics of Large College Ministries"/

I just read some interesting articles by Tim Casteel listing the 8 largest Cru (Campus Cruade Ministries) and stats from his interviews with their leaders of some of them. Some of the campuses were University of Florida, Cal Poly and Montana State. There seemed to be six common characteristics that ran through the story of each.

1. Large staff 6-12
2. Long Term leader/Director
3. Strong Student leaders given much responsibility
4. Strong/intentional small group ministry
5. They are THE ministry on campus (no other nearly as large)

As one who travels in Batist Collegiate Ministry circles, I have given some thought to our larger ministries out of the 800 plus BCM/BSU ministries. Some of these would be LSU, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, North Georgia and others. I have NOT interviewed the directors as Tim Casteel did the Cru Directors, but from my observations there are six commonalities that run through our larger ministries.

1. Long term Director
2. Strong tradition/long term presence
3. Excellent or large facilities
4. Specific freshmen ministry
5. Campus setting/type student
6. Usually THE ministry on campus

As you see, there are common characteristics between the two. All of this assumes and realizes none of this happens apart from the work of the Lord in all of it. My thanks to Tim Casteel and others who would help us understand how to reach more students for Christ.

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