Thursday, May 14, 2015

7 Things Graduating Seniors and Their Parents Need to Know!

1. Psychologists tell us the two greatest times of change in a person's life are birth to age one.....AND, High School graduation to Christmas.
-Boom, you just hit major change time.
-All of what has defined you is changing. You are no longer "the smartest in class" or a football player or cheerleader.
-It's a time of figuring out, who am I really.

2. A major cause of conflict between new grads and parents is that they see things from opposite ends.
-High School seniors/grads see it from the end that assumes the best possible thing will always happen.
-Parents see it from the end that the worst possible thing will happen.
-Usually, the truth is somewhere between the two extremes.
-Grads need to understand that your parents are just trying to protect you.

3. For those going to college: the first 3 weeks are the most important of your whole college career!
-What you do then goes a long way toward determining your success or failure in college.
-You will make your friends.
-You will get into a pattern and a schedule.
-Some blow off the first 3 weeks and get so far behind they literally destroy their college career then.
-Luke 2:52 says, "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man". That is all about life balance.
-Get into a pattern of sleep, study, exercise and eating right.

A Survey of 100 ASU students asked, "What's the dumbest thing you did as a freshman?".
The 3 Top Answers:
3. Not taking college's harder than high school (either classes or the freedom...or both!).
2. Not going to one checked on me and no one made me.
-The easiest thing you can do to do well in college is, Go To Class.
1. Not getting involved in campus activities and hiding out in my room or just hanging with high school friends.
-National studies show that students involved in campus activites are most likely to be happy, stay in
school and graduate.

4. Faith has to be intentional.
-4 out of 5 high school seniors active in church make NO spiritual connection in college.

3 Main Reasons:

1. Tough questions raised about faith by professors and students. "I don't know...must not be a good answer".
2. Proving independence.
3. Not making an intentional is busier than high school.

5. You need a possee. Friends matter!
-Pick your friends by your priorities...not your priorities by your friends.
-Want to make A's? Be friends with others who want to make A's.
-Want to grow as a Christian? Make friends with others who want to grow as a Christian.
-Want to get drunk every get the idea.
-You will be like the people you hang with.

6. A national study on Dating and Marriage shows something pretty shocking.
-You will marry someone you date!!!
-Don't date someone you would never want to marry.
-Lots of college students admit they are dating someone they would never marry.....but, then many marry that person.

7. You have a new start!
-Who do you want to be?
-You may have done it wrong in high you get to start over.
-Success or failure in high school does not automatically repeat in college.


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