Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Tribute to Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones died Tuesday, September 9th in Fayetteville, AR at the age of 91. Jamie served as Baptist Student Union Director at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville from 1951 to 1988.

Jamie and his wife, Beverly, met in the Baptist Student Union at Auburn. After they married and came to Fayetteville to begin his ministry at the U of A, they lived on the top floor of the house that served as a BSU Center on the bottom floor. Jamie was known for, teased and admired for his "frugal habits". Students would tease him about the notes he left taped to the walls. They usually involved turning out the lights and ended with his trademark, "This means you!". He never wasted anything and had no desire to be a person of things. He just loved the Lord, his family and students at the UofA.

Jamie loved the local church and was sometimes called "Deacon Jones" because of his unselfish service and ministry to his church, First Baptist of Fayetteville. He modeled to students and all who knew him what it meant to be a follower of Christ through the local church. He was continually called on throughout the years to assist with funerals for people in his church who loved and admired him. Some said he did more funerals than any pastor.

In 1979 he temporarily left the UofA and moved to Little Rock to lead the "BSU Third Century Campaign" to raise a million dollar endowment. It would enlarge the ministry of the BSU throughout the state of Arkansas. It was the first such campaign done in the Southern Baptist Convention. Jamie could have simply stayed in Fayetteville and kept on there, but he would not ignore the call to strengthen ministry to college students throughout Arkansas.

Jamie modeled Servant Leadership and as a result, he mentored future ministers and missionaries who served all over the world. He loved the UofA and he gave his life simply to serving Christ there. Long before the term, "Campus Missionary" became popular, that is what Jamie gave his life to.....being a Missionary for Christ to the Razorback Nation. One of God's choice and humble servants has left us.


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  2. Thank you, Arliss, for your kind words. I will be sure my mother gets to read this.
    Cindy Jones Rush