Sunday, July 14, 2013

College Students and Cheating

As you think about what topics to speak about or to discuss with those students you meet with one to one, is cheating on your list?

Yesterday I visited with a former student who now teaches at my University. Her Department Head requires her to list in her syllabus what things are considered to be cheating. Students don't know! A student who is great about sharing her faith told of her friend who came to Christ. The friend told her she couldn't go to a Christian event because she had to get to class early. She said they were having a test and she said she had to get the right seat so she could cheat. Her friend who led her to Christ said, "Christians don't cheat.". The new believer said in great surprise, "They don't?". Later, she reported with great pride that she only had to cheat a little.

My teacher friend said, "All the students cheat.". I hope she is wrong...but, the only point of disagreement would be whether it is all or a lot. I am afraid we would be shocked to know of some of our "outstanding Christian students" who cheat....and have not even considered it being wrong.

I hope you are talking with your students about it...does it need to be one of your speaking topics for the fall? Wonder what their definitions of cheating include....or don't include? Who does their on-line class...them or their boyfriend?

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