Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Do Students Pick a Particular Church? Part 2

The second question asked of the 45 students who serve as leaders in a campus based ministry was,
"What is the ONE THING that is a TURN OFF to you at a church?".

There were answers like, "Sermons that don't pertain to our age" and "Not allowing students to help". But, the two most listed things were "Cliques or "Unfriendly" and "not welcoming".

Some speak of the perception that the College Minister has favorites or talk about "holy huddles". It's really pretty students are people and they don't go where they don't feel welcome!

How well is the Welcome Mat out at your church? Perhaps students are very welcome, but somehow they are not being made to feel welcome. They say it's their #1 Turnoff to a church.

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