Tuesday, January 8, 2013

College Ministry Predictions

1. College Ministry cutbacks will continue.
-As churches and denominations wrestle with short finances, they will continue to cut back in college ministry. Why? Cuts are often not made strategically, but by what cuts cause the least blow back. Secondly, we in College Ministry often are not doing all we should to tell our story.

2. There will be even less cooperation and more competition between campus based and church based college ministries...even those in the same denomination.
-Cooperation is not the DNA of our society these days. Plus, the emphasis on church planting has helped popularize the idea that planting a church on a campus is the only way to go.

3. State-wide denominations will grow in their expectation of College Ministers to spend more time being "Area Church Consultants" and less time doing College Ministry.
-This in turn will lead to difficulty in hiring top College Ministers as they feel new expectations stretch them too thin or short the campus ministry aspect.

4. College Ministers will become more and more diverse in their thinking as to strategy and approach.
-This is both good and bad!

5. More money can be raised from individuals for college ministry because donors are more and more attracted to "Cause Giving".

These predictions were made two years ago and are only slightly up-dated.


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  2. Arliss, I have been afraid that your predictions would come true and I believe I see evidence that they are beginning to come true. I regret so much that some state conventions have already taken collegiate ministry out of their budgets. I just pray that the Mississippi Baptist Convention won't do this.

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