Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's THE #1 Thing for Freshmen in a Church?

Twenty One(21) College Freshmen serving as members of a campus based ministry Freshmen Leadership Team were asked to list of five choices the most important factor for them in choosing a church:
Special College Student Events
Personality of the College Minister
Music/Band at Church
Friendliness of Everyone
Preaching Style/Sermons of the Pastor

Here's what these freshmen said was most important to them:

Preaching Style/Sermons of the pastor - 9
Friendliness of Everyone - 6
Special College Student Events - 3
Music/Band at Church - 2
Personality of College Minister - 1

Obviously, this is not a large enough number to draw any hard conclusions from. But, again similar to the upperclassmen, they do not list music as a high priority. I must admit I am a little surprised by the lower priority given to the College Minister by both freshmen and upperclassmen. I would not expect it to be first, but did think it would be higher, especially among freshmen. I don't think this speaks to the unimportance of a Church College Minister, but it indicates more the importance of that person's organization skills rather than being a "personality".

Again, friendliness is important!

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