Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Practicing the Ministry of Renewal in College Ministry

As stated earlier, in addition to being committed to reaching students who have never committed to Christ, we must have an intentional "Ministry of Renewal" where we are encouraging, intentionally connecting to and helping students who came to Christ before college to continue....or return to that commitment. It is not a second class ministry to evangelism.

In our ministry we have had a commitment to specific encouragement of those who had been Christian student leaders in high school....school or church. Here are some things that I believe can be a part of Renewal Ministry:

1. When I met an incoming freshman in the summer who in any way indicated they were very active in their church in some way, I sent them a personal note telling them I believed God could use them on our campus that fall.

2. A couple of weeks before school started, I would send them a letter with an invitation to be part of our Freshmen Leadership Team. It would meet Tuesday at 5 with fun get acquainted activities with other freshmen like them, I would do a leadership tip.

3. Talk about forgiveness and starting over with Christ often and in different ways! I believe many who have been strong believers in high school walk away in college because of some slip-up, moral lapse, etc. Out of guilt, they walk away. They went to a party and someone gave them a beer. They didn't want to look weird...suddenly they had done something they said they wouldn't. They had a sexual experience...they walk away.

4. Highlight leadership.....make a big deal about leadership and leadership opportunities. We put a matted, framed picture of each year's Leadership Team on the Wall....we also put a picture of the previous Year's Freshmen Leadership Team on the wall.

5. When you meet someone in the summer coming to your school who indicates a strong commitment to Christ or Christian service, invite them to do something...be a Sunday greeter.....be on the Committee to help with our Retreat....A Freshmen guys intramural football team and we will do a Bible study each week at our practice.....Could you help with our Tech Team?....Be on my Freshmen Advisory Group which will meet one time a month to help me evaluate our ministry as viewed by freshmen.....would you be interested in being part of our worship band? You could sit in once and see how it works out.

Questions to think about:

1. Are you intentional in giving opportunities to those who expressed previous strong commitments?

2. Do you challenge them individually about how God can use them?

1. Do you do anything intentional aimed at former high school Christian leaders?

2. Do you affirm and challenge people for how God might could use them?

2. Are you affirming and challenging to these student about how God can use them on campus or in your church?

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