Monday, March 31, 2014

The Gift of Evangelism......The Gift of Renewal?

We hear the term used frequently that someone has "The Gift of Evangelism". Most of the College Ministry meetings we go to today, great emphasis is given to how many college students are not believers and how we have to do a better job of sharing the Gospel....planting student churches, etc.

These same meetings sometimes will talk about or share the figures of how many 20somethings are walking away from the church, 8 out of 10...some say 7 out of 10.....others say no; it's 6 out of 10. Six out of ten is supposed to be the good news optimistic report, I guess. Bad news anyway you slice it.

So, what is our strategy for "Renewal" of these who are walking away? Apart from "do more contemporary worship", I don't think we are addressing the "Renewal Issue". Some would say and have argued that a large percentage of those walking away never knew Christ to begin with....they just sang the songs and ate the pizza.

I disagree. I believe that many of them came to know Christ and even diligently tried to walk with Him in high school. Those of us who have worked on deep south campuses know the stories by the scores. He/she was our Youth Group key student leader. She was the leader of the True Love Waits movement at school. He/she made a commitment to full time ministry. They will be your next BCM president.

How do we do practice the Gift of Renewal? First, we must recognize the need for it....just as we recognize the need for evangelism. Second, we have to be intentional about practicing the Gift or Ministry of Renewal in College Ministry. Third, we must affirm and give a language to the Gift and Ministry of Renewal.

More to come in the next few days on "The Gift of Renewal".

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