Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What former Collegiate ministry students say Mattered Most!

After just winding up 41 years of local campus ministry, hearing what students say mattered and helped most is beneficial to all of us who do campus ministry and are trying to help those doing campus ministry. I just finished reading letters from the students who were in our ministry when we first started out. These formers students are now in their 50's...some retired because of having done well financially, others in very responsible executive positions and others just scrambling to make a living.

These were the words and phrases that appeared in their thank you letters: "a safe place", "affirmation", "you gave me responsibility". "You held me accountable"......accountability showed up again and again.

How is your ministry doing being a
-safe place to figure out beliefs?
-ministry of Accountability?
-ministry of affirmation?
-a ministry that provides responsibility/unapologetically asks students to serve?

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