Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Biggest Problems in College Ministry

1. Lack of strong support by denominational leaders for College Ministry.

2. Emphasis by some of Church planting only on college campuses over long term tried and proven methods.

3. Shrinking number of committed leader type guys in College Ministries today.

4. Increasing negativity on some campuses of college administrations toward Christian groups.

5. Copying of Passion worship events rather than each ministry developing their unique style.

6. The trend toward College Ministers seeing themselves as preachers rather than teacher/mentors.

7. Lack of insurance for College Minister families forcing them to seek ministry positions outside of College

8. Fewer women in College Ministry.

9. Church College Ministries operating separately from the church as a whole.

10. Pointing to Mega-Church College Ministries as THE model of Campus Ministry.


  1. Interesting list, Arliss. Does #8 refer to women involved as students in college ministry or as college ministers? Or both?