Friday, July 22, 2011

The 4 Seasons of a College Minister's Ministry

Just as there are seasons to a calenda year, there are seasons to our life. Too many get out of college ministry cause they aren't young anymore. Briefly, here are what I think the four seasons are:
The near peer or starter, easy to move in college circles cause you look and think like a college student. The weakness is the ministry will often be limited to one circle of friends to which he or she relates as an almost peer.

The Cool adult or Role Model: has a young family or is a real world functioning single.
The strength is their modeling to students "the NEXT step" in life. The weakness is difficulty learning to balance family and demanding ministry.

The Respected Veteran/The Builder: he/she has experience to draw on and can relate to pastors and faculty and administrators as a peer. The weakness at this point is it is easy to start losing connection to students.

The Loving Parent/The statesman: an obvious strength is filling the loving parent void that so many students today feel and a rich background of connections. One weakness is it is easy to "preach at" students.

There are several strengths and weaknesses in each season....the key is to get honest about your season and play to the strengths of it. Remember; too many people get out of college ministry just at the point they know enough to do some good!

I have many more thoughts on these, but this is a simple version for those of you who asked for it. I would be interested in hearing YOUR thoughts.

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