Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Wise Sayings of Collegiate Ministry

1. A Collegiate Ministry usually reflects the strengths and weaknesses of its leader.

2. To reach a particular group, reach someone in that group.

3. The large attracts; the small keeps.

4. What you do the first three weeks of the fall semester defines your ministry for the whole school year.

5. A meeting space will only fill to 80% on a regular basis. Too much empty space is discouraging.

6. Who you reach determines who you can and cannot reach.

7. It takes three years to establish a ministry or for an established one to become your own.

8. If multiple staff members work with all the same students, someone is not necessary.

9. Good falls are made in the summer.

10. Relationships are the currency of your ministry.


  1. I agree with most of what you have to say. #9 seems especially true, and there i no substitute for good planning. I think #1 is true of whatever ministry. Whatever the minister's strength is will become the focus of the ministry.

    I think I disagree with #7, because I don't think that it necessarily always happens this way. It may happen like this, but it could be that a ministry may take right off the ground once it is started.

    I think I would add #11: It is never to late to learn. We should always be in the mode of learning.

  2. This is very beneficial information. #7 has been true for me. I started our college ministry about 3 years ago, and this year I have seen the most growth, excitement, and involvement than ever before. If I could add a Wise Saying, it would be "Finding and investing in student leaders will multiply your ministry."

  3. Thanks, Arliss. These are realities not only for campus ministries, but for almost all ministries.