Friday, January 13, 2012

Why College Ministry is Harder than it Has Ever Been

1. Less commitment of incoming freshmen, partly due to youth ministry being segmented from the church as a whole.

2. Declining financial support.

3. Declining commitment to college ministry by denominational leaders.

4. Competitive nature of some church based ministries toward campus based ministries.

5. Turn over in campus ministers due to declining financial and emotional support.

6. Increasing part-time work schedule among students.

7. Increasing separation and divide between religious and non-religious students.

8. Turn off of Christian students toward the organized church and desire to be more spontaneous.

9. The worship movement and large conferences has helped develop a star and concert mentality to faith for many students.

10. Increased expectations of college ministries due to the loss of high schoolers and high profile big money events such as the Passion conferences.

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