Monday, January 4, 2016

10 Over Simple or Outrageous College Ministry Principles or Truisms

1. Your ministry must be bigger than what you can do by yourself.

2. Money won't make a ministry, but it's hard to have much ministry without have to raise just do.

3. Making big changes in your ministry EVERY year demonstrates a lack of consistent philosophy. You can't blow it up every year.

4. Don't do ANYTHING in the fall you can do in the summer.

5. Meeting individually with student leaders isn't optional.

6. You must walk across the campus and through the Student Center every day.

7. If you aren't going to a ministry with the intent of being there at least three years, don't go.

8. When you quit recruiting and training leaders, you have begun the end of your ministry.

9. If you don't do the first three weeks of the fall right, nothing else much matters.

10. You ought to be fired if you don't work with alums.


  1. Excellent statements! I would add if you do not create a culture of reaching the lost your group will always be anemic no matter the size!