Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are Finances Moving Baptists Toward a Different College Ministry Philosophy?

My previous blog was "Issues in Baptist Life Affecting College Ministry". As I stated, as a result in cutbacks in finances, there have been cutbacks in College Ministry.....not necessarily just College Ministry. Some are saying that the more "Intern type positions" may need to go the route of raising their own salaries. This is the pattern of Campus Crusade which has staff on 200 plus campuses. Crusade does not operate buildings on or near campus while most Southern state Baptist Collegiate Ministries have owned and operated campus centers. One question is, "Should we do away with our buildings"? This is not a position I advocate. But, I can share those thoughts another time.

Following are thoughts, questions and things to consider as we debate changes brought on by finances. My primary thought is that we should make decisions strategically and not just do automatically what is easiest and cheapest.
Here are a variety of thoughts to go into this discussion:

Almost all large College Ministries have a long term Campus Minister and or staff.
-The less stability we have the less effective our ministries will be.

Campus Crusade has generally chosen to have ministries on mainly "name" or large campuses with larger staffs. Baptists have favored being on every public college and university in a state where possible with one or two staffers. Should Baptists change to a more targeting of specific campuses?

When raising money for campus ministry and salaries, it is generally easier to raise money related to a "name campus".

Campus Ministries commonly accused of unethical behavior usually are staffed by young right out of school staffers who raise their own salaries and have great enthusiasm with little training.

The largest Campus Ministries in the country generally have 10 to 20 staffers. This can only be accomplished with staffers raising their own salaries.

Baptist Student Centers built on or adjacent to a campus have communicated stability and often helped the ministry partner with the administration more.

Some non-denominational ministries only keep staffers on a campus as long as they are seeing significant results. Baptists have traditionally stayed on a campus regardless of the size of the response.

Baptists have their Campus Ministers to serve and help local church ministries as part of their responsibility If they raise their own salary, will they stay as tied to all the local churches?

You see no answers...lots of questions...also, I know more about Baptist ministries than, I am real open to hearing from some of you who serve in different situations or denominations.


  1. I have the same question about the local church

  2. A bit ironic that the primary ministry that is bringing people into ministry and keeping young adults connected to church are often the first places "the church" looks to cut funding. Campus Ministry is the arguably the most important mission field in any denomination.