Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"My Most Read Blog?"

Since I blog primarily to people who do college ministry, I don't expect a huge following. After all, it is in the running for being the most demanding and lowest paying of all the different ministry callings. So, our numbers stay low and seem to be getting lower.

But, I wondered, what has been my most read blog....my guess was "20 Principles of College Ministry" or "Common Characteristics of Large College Ministries".....or, "Top 7 Reasons Students Attended the First Time".

Second most read blog was "Top 7 Reasons...". The most read by almost double was "10 Things the Parents of a College Freshman Should Know". Wow...no way...why? Well one state-wide Baptist Collegiate Ministry did send a letter to freshman parents and listed a link, but who really thought they would go to it?

What does this mean? Parents are scared...parents want to help...we have helicopter parents, maybe. But, one thing it means parents want help and parents could be our best allies. College Ministers need to be connecting with parents. A summer outreach event could be doing parent seminars in churches. Steve Masters at LSU sends a parent questionnaire to freshmen parents....then contacts the student AFTER getting the parent questionaire back.

By the way, the best advocates I have seen for college ministry budgets are parents.

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