Monday, August 20, 2012

"Lord, Help Me Be More Like Calvin Miller!"

For some great reason, I was silly enough to invite the famous Calvin Miller to speak on my campus. He came and was wonderful to our students and to me. He came back different times to speak for our Retreat and our kick-off banquet for our new Baptist Student Center.

He loved on our ASU students at seminary. He threw Kevin and Shannon Inman an engagement party at his house. When they told him they were earning extra money by doing Valet (parking) on the weekend, he looked very confused. He thought they said they were earning extra money doing "Ballet" on weekends....then he did that wonderful laugh of his when he realized what they had said.

Hen bought a sporty camaro and he said the Lord took care of that vanity with a hail storm.

Thanks be to God for Calvin Miller who was brilliant and yet just loved people and spoke in a way everyone could understand. Lord, help me be more like Calvin Miller!


  1. Great stories and memories! I will be challenged by Calvin Miller for many years to come!

  2. He lived and loved well. I think you are a great deal like that, Arliss!