Sunday, June 22, 2014

How You Doing Big Boy?

When I came to the ministry at Arkansas State many years ago, the students already involved in the ministry did not want me and made that very clear very often. In many ways, it was more personally stressful to me than my year in Vietnam during the war. I even ground my teeth in my sleep which I had not done previously or since. Students would come into my office to tell me they wished I was not there

One of the keys to my emotional survival during that time of extreme criticism was my former College Minister. Dick Bumpass had been my College Minister as a student and was then serving at the Naval Academy. He would call me on the phone and say, "How you doing big boy?" in his Texas accent. I could almost literally hear him leaning back in his chair and just ready to listen. I would unload on him each time he called.

Who do you unload to (besides your spouse)? One of the unfortunate things is that many times College Ministers have no one to unload on, except their spouse. This can place undue stress into the relationship. Sure, you should be honest with your spouse, but they may not need to hear all of it.

If you are an experienced College Minister, I encourage you to be a caller to a newer College Minister or one who has just gone into a stressful situation....ask them, "How you doing big boy?". If you need calls like that, I encourage you to find a friend to whom you can unload without taking it ALL home.

I believe many people quit College Ministry early on because no one mentored them....or at the very least helped them make it through that first stressful year or two.

Who should you call this week?

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