Thursday, June 12, 2014

On Being Faithful.....and Working With International Students

I had lunch with a friend who is on church staff and works with International's not part of his job description, but just an opportunity the Lord gave he and his wife.

He talked about the unmatchable feeling when he was able to baptize one of them in our church. He told of an older retired friend who had worked with International students some years back. The older friend told of receiving a message from an International who he had given a Bible to 30 years ago.....the student had just accepted Christ and wanted him to know.

Thirty years later he learned how God had used something he had done...a simple act....a faithful act. I am reminded we never know how God is using all that we do.....or.....when.

When I stepped away from the ministry at Arkansas State three years ago, I received messages from students I didn't always remember, saying God had used me in their life. I didn't know; I was surprised. God calls us to be faithful, even when we think it's not working. Maybe, thirty years later, you will hear.

Just keep on doing and being what God has called you to!

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