Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doing Summer College Ministry!

What do you do in the summer with students who are in school or around town? Here are some different thoughts/ideas.

1. Do a summer ministry project in town. Enlist students to do a one time ministry event in a housing project.

2. Do a weekly Back yard Bible Club with games and refreshments in a needy area.

3. Sponsor a Beach Party with Volleyball and refreshments in the center of campus.

4. For a weekly event, do an overview of one book of the Bible each week....."8 Books of the Bible in 8 Weeks".

5. Have an Outreach Night where students call, Facebook, and write incoming freshmen.

6. Have s Student Work Day on your Center or meeting area...paint, repair, build a stage, install some extra lighting, make some curtains, clean out and throw away. Wind up with a cookout.

7. Take a group of International students on a one day or overnight sightseeing trip.

8. Enlist students to do a neighborhood survey for a small church one evening from 5:00 p.m. Toll dark.

9. Do a different one of these events each week from now till school.

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