Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be Old School in Social Media!

In one of our leadership meetings last fall, I asked a question I often ask, "What do we need to be doing better?". Their immediate answer was "Social Media".

We talked Twitter, Instagram, etc. Let me add a perspective to that different from what your students will add, as they are super tech savvy for the most part. In many students' eyes Facebook is old fashioned and for old people now. To some degree that is true (even though I see lots of student posts on Facebook), so here is the "Oh boy factor" in that at least partial truth.

Some of the people you most need to communicate with look at Facebook.....pastors, alums, donors, older ladies who prepare and send meals.

You can post a picture made at your large group picture there may be worth 10,000 words. You can post a picture of an International student Conversation Club. You can post a picture of the volunteers who brought your Lunch Program food and say, "Thanks to the South Fork Church for providing our food today where 100 students heard the gospel". You can post a picture from last year's Alumni Homecoming Event....inviting folks to this Year's.

I will bet there are people who follow you on Facebook who don't get anything you mail out. "Thanks to the TEL Sunday School Class who provided the University Breakfast this past week". It not only thanks people, it gives other people ideas of what they can do. I have one friend who is building a large new campus center. Every few days he posts a picture on Facebook of the progress on the Center....which I would imagine is seen by people who gave money to help it be a reality. And, seeing how well their money is being used, they may just give more.

Are you using Social Media to the best advantage with those who need to know the great work you are doing? If Facebook is for old people.....that may just be good news for you!

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