Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Check Out Smallgroup.com

There is a new Bible study resource you may want to check out. It is Smallgroup.com. You can design your own Bible studies using their materials. This is a new product by Lifeway Christian Resources. You can choose from about 1,200 different Bible studies and plug them into the format of your choosing with your discussion questions, applications, etc for your group.

There is a $200 annual fee, but you can try it for free for two weeks. The normal fee on this is based on the number in a church or ministry, but the fee for a college ministry is the flat $200.

It has the plus of your not having to start from scratch, but being able to customize it to your needs. You might want to do Bible study groups for 10 weeks and simply pick your ten topics and then customize. It could be a super time saver for you as well as saving money on materials.

Here is to more good Bible study groups with your personal touch. So, go to Smallgroup.com and check it out.

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