Friday, April 10, 2015

7 Things College Ministry Leaders Should Know and Do

1. Look for students who want to be leaders and help them learn to lead.
-Affirm and encourage them.
-Help them learn from good and bad experiences.

2. Realize there is more than one kind or style of leader.
-For many of us, it is easy to think all good leaders lead the same way we do.
-Remember that some lead with their strong example.

3. Look for students who want to be followers.
-Some students aren't leaders; they are God called servants. You need them desperately.

4. Never quit listening to your students.
-A psychiatrist friend of mine once said, "Listen for the pregnant silences". They tell you lots.

5. Never take ability over character and loyalty for student leaders.
-When a student leader has been faithful and true, you be faithful and true with them.

6. Realize and accept that you will be criticized.
-It never feels good. It never gets ok. But, knowing it's part of the territory helps!

7. Look for opportunities to see and believe that God continues to call you where you are.
-It's not why did you come's why are you still where you are?

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