Monday, December 5, 2016

Tell Your College Ministry Story

I became a Christian when I was nine years old and grew up active in church. In school I was all about sports (and just an average student). I was with my church friends at church and my football/basketball friends at school. I was not involved in anything negative....just two separate worlds.

My Senior year, our church took a group of us to visit Southern Baptist College (now Williams Baptist College) and as part of the tour they took us to the BSU Noonday program. I thought it was the best thing I had ever been to and that sold me on going to Southern. While a student there through the BSU, I was given all kinds of leadership and speaking opportunities that really challenged me, affirmed me and help me grow. Dr. J.T. Midkiff was the BSU Director and he gave me a ton of opportunities that grew me. At that point, it was a Junior College and so at the end of my two years, I transferred to Arkansas State University.....and frankly, I went because of the great reputation of the BSU there. Dick Bumpass was the BSU Director. Dick had played football for Bear Bryant at Texas A&M and was quite a commanding presence. Dick was a reader and challenged me to read. I still remember the first "Christian book" I ever read at his recommendation. It was "Taste of New Wine" by Keith Miller.

But, my greatest take-away was that I became connected to students who were athletes, Greeks, etc who were active in the BSU and was really challenged to integrate my faith into all parts of my life....not live a school life and a church life, I had begun to do in high school. Again, I was given opportunities to serve and grow that expanded my world and my sense of who God was and how he wanted to work through my life. Through Southern and ASU Baptist Student Union experiences I met Dr. Tom Logue who would become a huge influence and future boss.

This is just a brief version of how God has used College Ministry in my life and why I am giving twenty five dollars to these ministries this month as part of the #Givetwentyfive challenge asking all College Ministry alums to give twenty-five dollars to the ministry that God used in their life. Tell your story and encourage others to give. We want to give $1,000,000 to College Ministry this month. Please tell YOUR story. #Givetwentyfive #tellyourstory


  1. Similar to my story Arliss. I was given "A Taste of New Wine" as a Christmas present from an aunt during Christmas of sophomore year. Miller's quest for a real relationship with God totally salted my thirst for the same thing. Thankfully, a few months later I discovered Christ to be real to me too. Thanks for the story.

  2. Brett, thanks for sharing our "common experience". Blessings to you for all the lives you have touched!