Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Things that Drive Me CRAZY in College Ministry

For me, it is sometimes a short drive to crazy. Here are some things that at least sometimes put their foot on the accelerator.

1. BAD Announcements - you might be surprised to know I am an advocate of announcements. There are things everybody needs to know. I know it is is trendy now to have no announcements. As a regular practice, I think you need them.

The 4 Laws of Announcements

1. Make no more than 4. The more you make...the less they hear. Never let the announcements take over and become the main event or even squeeze your time for what is the main event.

2. The person making the announcements needs to understand them! Ever hear someone announce something and say, "I have no idea what that means". We knew that before they said it.

3. The announcements need to be made in a way that a first time attendee understands them. Often, they seem to be in code.

4. Make only announcements that pertain to the larger group. Everybody doesn't need to know the Tea Party Committee is meeting.

2. Chairs randomly stacked or leaning around the room - I think a person's first visual impression of a room has a great deal to do with their perception of an event as a whole.

3. Messy bath rooms at a large event (not just dirty, but messy) - Plus, there is only one roll of toilet paper. Seriously, you knew there were 200 people coming.

4. Table Talkers that look like a legal contract - I am a big fan of Table Talkers at Lunch programs or other events where there are tables. But, remember they are like be read at a glance.....not with a magnifying glass and your attorney to get all the fine print. Elvis (yes; that Elvis) would not sign a contract longer than one page, I'm told. Make your Table Talkers Elvis friendly....short and to the point!

5. People who say to College Ministers, "You have the whole summer off don't you".

6. People who say to College Ministers, "That's not a full time job is it?".

To almost quote Patsy Cline, "I'm CRAZY for loving College Ministry".

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