Tuesday, December 9, 2014

4 Elements of Super Large College Ministries YOU Can Do

I recently shared 10 Common Elements of Super Large Campus Based Ministries. Having 10 to 25 staffers is not even a dream for the vast majority of college ministries. A large budget or even a long term College Minister/Director is not on your side right now. But, I'm convinced there are things any ministry can learn and take from the Super Large. Of those 10 common elements, here are four you should consider adding or strengthening for your ministry to develop and grow.

1. Strategic and On-going small group/discipleship ministry

Some thoughts to consider: Do you have a 3 or 4 year plan what you want your students to learn or know? Do you pick some of your best to be small group leaders? Is it obvious to your students that you think it is important?
One ministry I am familiar with requires all their student leaders to be part of a small group regardless of their responsibility or other involvement. Are your groups studying the Bible? Dumb question! There are lots of great books by current Christian authors and leaders. One year in deciding what our campus based small groups would study, we did a survey of what all the college ministry churches were offering....they were all contemporary book studies. Someone must offer Bible study.

2. Intentional plan for reaching freshmen with an intense outreach at the start of the semester

It's too late to go back to the first two weeks of fall. But, even now, should you plan and raise vision for the coming fall? But, what can be done for the start of Spring Semester? Got a list of incoming Freshmen from last August? Maybe some of them aren't feeling so good about first semester choices. The weather is worse, but the field is clearer in January.

3. Do just a few things and do them well

What are the main things you want your ministry to hang it's hat on? There are tons of good things to do. There is a principle I am strongly committed to and that is....You should play to your strengths. What is it that your ministry does best? Or, what is it that you do that no other ministry does or offers? Make the most of those things. Consider if you are doing some things simply because you have always done it.....and the good reason passed a long time ago. Consider what some small tweaks might do to raise the level of your weekly worship meeting or you leader training.

4. Well trained and responsible upperclass leaders

Investment in developing and growing student Leaders pays off now and in the church in years to come. Do you or someone meet weekly with each student leader for encouragement, prayer and evaluation? Help your student leaders see the need to raise up younger leaders who will follow them. You multiply your ministry when you train and develop student leaders.

You don't have to be a Super Large Ministry to do these four things. How are you doing in these four areas?

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  1. I've made the same observation about small group materials. When you think about your ministry environments (large group, small groups, discipleship meeting, conferences, retreats, etc.), which environments are tied most closely to Bible study and which lean toward a more topical approach?