Monday, July 27, 2015

10 Dumbest Mistakes College Ministers Make

10. Not defining success
-It is a combination of your employer's expectations and what gives you the most satisfaction. Both of these MUST be part of your plan for success.

9. Trying to make your students just like you
-This is such a subtle temptation we sometimes don't realize we are doing it. Are you limiting your ministry to those who want to be just like you?

8. Trying to go it alone
-Do you have a peer group that encourages, supports and cares what you do? All of us need someone other than our spouse who hears and encourages us.

7. Not loving college students
-College students sometimes act selfish, immature and disloyal. Can you still encourage the students who would not have made it as a freshman if it were not for you; but now don't have time for you or your ministry?

6. Not realizing God's kingdom is bigger than you and your ministry
-Do you think about what is best for college ministry as a whole or just yours? No one ministry fits all students.

5. Not relating to university officials in a positive way
-It is amazing how many doors college administrators can open or close for you and your ministry. Help them know you and know you are a positive partner.

4. Not playing to your strengths
-It is easy to coast on our strengths. Make sure you are giving adequate time and preparation to do what you do well as well as you can.

3. Not learning from those with whom you disagree
-You may disagree with the theology or methodology of another college ministry, but there may be something you should/could learn from them. Thinking inside the same boxes results in recycling the same thoughts and ideas.

2. Not writing personal thank you notes
-People give to and support those ministries that they know need, appreciate, and use their help or financial support. "Thanks for your gift, it helped us do ...........

1. Not using volunteers
-A leader of a large church college ministry had 1200 students at his weekly event. He had 185 adult volunteers If you divide that out, that is about 7 students per adult volunteer.

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