Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tribute to College Ministry Spouses

I just returned from speaking at the "Big Weekend" fall retreat at Virginia Tech. One of the things that made the retreat so enjoyable for the 150 students involved was the great food. Friday night there was home-made taco salad and punch bowl cake....all they could eat and
that was in the middle of their Bible study groups volleyball tournament. So, lots was eaten. Then on Saturday morning there was breafast casseroles, hot biscuits and sausage gravy. How did all this good food magically appear? You probably guessed it....Laura Cook, wife of the BCM director cooked it all. I asked how much she got paid for such a huge probably guessed...nothing. It was her gift to the ministry!

In August I talked with a BCM director who needed a woman associate. When they could not find one, his wife agreed to take on the job (she had previous experience.). When a hitch developed in being able to pay her....she said she would work for free! Full time for free cause the ministry needed it.

I know lots of college ministry wives who have and are making these sort of gifts to honor the Lord and be a blessing to a campus. So, Saaaallllutttte to them!