Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Power of Mentoring

One of the hot topics in college ministry today is mentoring. A few years ago we asked the sudents who served on all our ministry teams to look at a list of 17 events or ministries that we listed and tell us which ones were of most value to them. I was blown away by what came out number one.

It was our weekly individual meetings with them. I had only put it on the list to make sure we had a long list for them to choose from. In recent years I have been asked why so many of our students went to the ministry. Simply put, I think it was and is these individual mentoring weekly meetings.

There are lots of good new books and videos out talking about how to mentor. But, I think it boils down to three simple elements.
1. Spend time with them. An investment of time in the person is a necessity. That's when they learn to trust you and can even be a time when you role model some things for them.

2. Help them see and accept the spiritual gifts and abilities God has placed in their life.
Seeing our own abilities is hard to do. A mentor points out and affirms these abilities in the one they are encouraging.

3. Help them evaluate and learn from their experiences and attempts at serving the Lord. Even though it may have been a disaster, you can help them profit from the experience and not feel
defeated or give up.

God uses mentors and today's college generation is looking for mentors.

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