Monday, September 26, 2011

How Do You Know if You are Being Successful in College Ministry?

I remember when I first came to ASU, I asked my boss, Dr Tom Logue, what he wanted me to do here? I knew several things I wanted to do and saw some obvious needs. But, I think I was asking him,"what is success here in your eyes?". College ministry success is hard to define. Here are some questions or measures some use....they may be good or bad. I list first what I think is the number one test and after that, there is no order.

1. What do your students do after college in regard to church and ministry?

2. Does your ministry look like the campus (wide variety of students, colors, Greeks, athletes...or are they all alike)?

3. Are you teaching students and giving them opportunities to serve, lead, witness, or are you just preaching to them?

4. Are you depending more on flashing lights, big sound systems and hair product rather than the Lord?

5. Do you have at least one percent of the student body at your large group meeting (5,000 = 50, 10,000=100, etc)?

6. Do I try to work with and or be encouraging and supportive of all who are genuinely trying to serve the Lord and the students of my campus? (It's real hard sometimes!)

7. Are you doing the KEY things your stakeholders, bosses, financial supporters expect? Do you know what they are?

8. Am I utilizing the strengths/gifts God has uniquely given me? (Don't cheat on utilizing your gifts, it is the key to personal satisfaction as well as your number one asset.)

9. Am I building on the unique opportunities and needs THIS campus offers?

10. When I leave will this ministry be stronger than when I found it or is it ALL built around me and will collapse when I leave???

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