Monday, November 5, 2012

How Should College Ministers be Evaluated?

A College Minister friend recently expressed frustration that it seemed more and more he would be evaluated on the number of professions of faith he reported. This was not a College Minister who does not share the gospel...two of his students made professions of faith last week and it happens regularly.

Most pastors I know are not evaluated on number of professions of faith....but rather what I would describe as "over-all health of the congregation". Should College Ministers be evaluated differently? It might be argued yes because we are losing this generation to the church.

If a College Minister is to be evaluated strictly om number of professions of faith, does that mean he/she has no responsibility to reaching out to the large number of college students who have made professions of faith at a young age and then leave church while in college? The two greatest concerns I hear registered today are "20 something's leaving the church" and "the lostness of this generation". So, why would we evaluate strictly on one?

I served on a campus where a "non-denominational ministry" majored on evangelism and very proudly reported their number of, I would assume they were strongly evaluated that way. One concern of mine was, if a student told one of their staffers they were experiencing doubts about their faith, they were told they were not a Christian and should pray the prayer. They had a lot of professions of faith recorded that way.

Some church College Ministers say their prime evaluation comes out of "students Sunday involvement...worship and Bible study". A few that major on a separate college worship service where they speak seem to be evaluated on the attendance at that event.

How do you evaluate someone's ministry this side of eternity? Let me throw out some thoughts might could be made into some sort of formula:
1. Does this person obviously work hard?
2. Does this person have a specific plan about what they are trying to do?
3. Do they attempt to balance outreach to non-believers as well as discipleship for believers?
4. Are there regular on-going discipleship groups?
5. Is this ministry training leaders for service in churches in the years to come?
6. What type of students are coming out of this ministry and what are they doing now?
7. Are there a variety of students represented in the ministry? Does it look like the campus?

I will think about this some more....interested to hear some of your thoughts. What is the criteria for your e aluation?

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