Monday, November 19, 2012

What College Ministry Should Learn from the Elections

1. Tone matters! In many instances where Christians were speaking up for moral issues, our tone was not loving at best and mean/angry at worst. It's not enough to speak must be done with respect for all.

2. Be for things not just against things. Ugly Facebook posts don't draw people to our faith. If you are a college minister, you must always be conscious of what you post and tweet. You are never off duty!

3. Today's 20something generation Christians may believe homosexuality is wrong, but they are turned off to Christians who speak and act in anger toward the gay community.

4. When Christian public figures say something dumb, don't defend a dumb statement because the one who said it is a Christian. Admit it is dumb. Why should non-Christians believe our gospel when they see us defending really dumb statements. Defending dumb statements undercuts gospel truth that we speak....maybe we are crazy in everything we say is an easy conclusion.

5. Help students see and realize there are good people in both main line political parties and there are people in each party who would use and manipulate them.

6. Applaud and encourage students when they are active in the political process (even when they don't agree with you). "Render unto Caesar".

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