Friday, February 15, 2013

I Dis-like Green Rooms!!!

There are some terms that have become popular in Christian circles, I must admit, I don't like. Green Room may be the most "Un-liked" one on my part!

Being a Drama minor in college, I know a Green Room is where a "performer" waits before he or she goes on stage. I don't like it in Christian terms because of the idea of seeing a speaker or singer/worship leader at a Christian event as a performer. It somehow seems to elevate you above those with whom you are trying to share scripture, a word from the Lord and worship.

I don't like the fact that you don't rub elbows with the students before and after you speak to them. How do they know you care about them individually and how do you answer their questions after it is over, if you have run back to the Green Room after your "performance"? Of course, I was frustrated when a student would come in and hug me (that was never a frustration) and then tell me they had been sick with the flu all day! But, more times than not that moment was part of what helped them hear what I had to say when my turn came to speak.

Students see too many performers today. They must see people live Jesus faith with them, so what they say has validity! Yes; I have been in one or two Green Rooms, but over-all I would rather hug and sit with the students before and after. Trade Secret: sometimes I run to the bathroom and scrub my hands after the "Flu Hug"!

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