Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Inspiring, Quotable or Life Changing...Just Info Cards!

Some people blog wonderfully inspiring things and get quoted on you know, I just do dull old every day college ministry nuts and bolts. So, here goes (nothing quotable).

Every brainstorming Whiteboard session I have gone to sooner or later gets around to, "How do you get students to fill out Info Cards?". Most believe that if you have a student give you some information about name and contact information, you can more likely connect to them and work at connecting them to the Ministey.

1. Put an Info Card on every seat every program. Or, do it the first couple of weeks and announce that you will draw out of the filled out cards for a gift card at the favorite student eating place.

2. Have a Welcome Table at the entrance staffed by some of your most outgoing students where they greet, do a name tag for each person AND ask each person they don't recognize to fill out a card, if they have not.

3. Have baskets at the doors that contain Info Cards with a catchy sign.

4. Spread out Info Cards across Lunch Program tables within reach of each seat.

5. If you have a dollar or 2 dollar lunch program, tell a new person theirs is free with a filled out Info Card.

6. We had a really attractive Lunch Team leader who would stand right by the food line and hand them one, if she did not recognize them...we got a lot of guys that way.

7. Send a sign-in sheet down each row of each program...everyone signs, so the new people do also. It becomes part of the also know who has missed the last couple of weeks.

8. After your worship event begins, have your Outreach or Greeter team set up a table by the main exit with Info Cards and pens spread all over it. At the end just say, "If you are new and enjoyed being here, stop by the table at the door and let us know who you are.

9. Comment Cards...some ministries ask each student present to fill out a Cooment card about the Event, message, etc. There is a place for new folks to give some info.

About The Cards:

1. Limit it to the most basic info you need. The more info requested, the less likely they are to fill it out.

2. Tape a pencil to each card. How many times have we seen students looking for a pen or pencil to fill one out?

3. Send a personal message to each person who fills out a card...text, Facebook, email, whatever.

The Number 1 SECRET to getting students to fill out Info cards: a person (student or staff) visit with them personally and then ask them to take a minute and fill it out and then you taking it back. Yes; filled out cards
often walk out the door.

See, there is nothing inspiring, quotable or life changing in this blog.

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  1. We bought plastic cups this year with our logo & two weekly event times. They cost us less than 10 cents each. we hand them out to NewComers in exchange for the info card. It also has good info inside the cup "church stuff etc.." It's also good for the campus minister because if the campus minister sees a cup, then they know that person is new...