Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Lesson from Alabama BCM Directors!

I was privileged to be with the Alabama Baptist Collegiate Ministers for part of their annual workshop outside of Talladega. During the worship period each day, two directors would share a story of something that had happened in their ministry to pray about.

I was moved by the story of change in students' story in particular touched me. A young woman who had tried it all decided to try faith...she went on a Spring Break Mission trip....But, said because of her past she was not worthy to do anything further....but she did and God is using her. Another shared the story of a woman who has just graduated going overseas to help orphans be adopted instead of taking prestigious offers.

The lesson: Tell the stories of God's movement in students' lives. NOTHING communicates like the story of one changed and or used life....nothing! Make sure those who support your ministry hear at least one or two of your stories. OR, get one of your students to write out their story in their own words and you share that, with their permission.

Stories communicate better than just facts and figures....share the stories!

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