Friday, May 3, 2013

A Terrible Personal Confession!

I know I may be sent to a treatment center....but I love staff meetings!

Recently, I was with a group of church College Ministers and a common frustration expressed was all the different weekly staff meetings they have to attend....general staff meeting....Education staff meeting, etc. And that takes up a lot of time they would like to spend in their ministry.

At that meeting and then a few days later, two staff members shared their frustration about their staff meeting infrequently and not taking time to pray together. So, the staff meeting conundrum: how to do staff meeting that is helpful. Here are some suggestions:

1. Have a set weekly time to start and end....and...start and end on time. Avoid having unnecessary meetings or meetings to talk about meetings.

2. Meet somewhere private so as to not be interrupted.

3. The leader should have an agenda....share it at the beginning and ask if anything else needs to be added.

4. Laugh during the meeting.

5. Ask/allow staffers to share something in the ministry this past week that has been encouraging.

6. Give the opportunity for folks to share any major frustrations.

7. Evaluate any major events just completed.

8. What is coming up? How do each of us need to be on the same page about it and what is my responsibility?
-Staff are to be a team...not Lone Rangers!

9. One thing we did at the close of most staff meetings I would ask, "How have I been a jerk lately?". Sometimes it brought a laugh...other times it helped us talk out some mis-understanding.

10. Take prayer requests and pray....more than one person pray....pray!

Bonus: Every once in awhile bring treats to staff meeting...never a bad move!

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  1. Good advice! I used to dread staff meetings (as an educator). When I became a principal, I tried to be sure meetings were not like what I experienced as a teacher. I should probably try asking the "how have I been a jerk" question....when I get my courage up. That is a great one.