Sunday, May 19, 2013

Plan a Summer Contact Night!

If you are able to get some names of students coming to your school this fall, how can you make the best use of that list? Have an Outreach Night....years ago, we started one we called "Fold, Lick, Staple Night". Originally, after eating pizza or grilled hamburgers, our upperclass students would assemble our mailout to go to new and returning students. Over time, it evolved to several different options. What are some things you could do on an Outreach Night?

1. Everyone use their cell phone to call friends and tell them about the first event of the fall. Or, send text messages.

2. Divide up your list and have students write personal handwritten cards to incoming students.

3. Each student take so many names and make Facebook contact with each of them and send a personal message about your ministry.

4. Have each student write a personal thank you to a financial supporter and share some way the ministry has blessed them personally.

6. Oh yeah! Fold, address and sort a giant mail out.

7. Some churches have their members at a Wednesday night church supper write cards to incoming students inviting them to their church.

8. You can add your own idea here. What can a group do in one night that might take you a week or more to do.....and it is from another student.

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