Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Wise Sayings in Collegiate Ministry

11. When you stop training student leaders, you have begun the end of your ministry.

12. Finding and investing in student leaders will multiply your ministry (sent in by Jonathan).

13. Relationships determine students coming to your ministry and leaving your ministry.

14. The people most likely to contribute to your ministry are those who have previously contributed.

15. When a student walks into your large group meeting space, they register a conscious or unconscious feeling or reaction which affects their response to the event.

16. What you ask for from donors affects what you get (too much or too little).

17. Tweaking is better than than bombing your ministry each year.

18. Tailor your ministry to your campus....every campus is unique.

19. You are the face of your ministry; you attract what you are.

20. A specialized freshman ministry is the single most effective way to grow your ministry.

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