Monday, May 20, 2013

The BEST Thing You Can Do in International Ministry

God has brought the world to the college campuses of America. We can not only share Christ with students from all the countries of the world, we can share with the future business and political leaders of the world. In some ways ministry with Internationals on US campuses is more wise than going abroad. When we go to another country either as long term missionaries or for a short term mission trip, we very seldom ever get to share with the economic and political leaders of that country. When you befriend and share with an International student, odds are very good you are developing a relationship with a future leader in that country. His or her influence will be wide!

What is the single best way to minister to and share Christ with International students.....Get them adopted by an Americsn family out of one of your churches.

I recently had the privilege to see a Vietnamese student baptized in my church because he was adopted by an Americsn family that had he and his wife in their home for meals and friendship. A College Minister on another campus shared with me today that he had an appointment with an International student who had just come to Christ because of an American host family. He told the College Minister that he wished every International could have a host family as he did and they probably would come to Christ too.

Many years ago career missionary friends told of the country where they had lived. There was a movement to close the country to Christian missionaries. The Vice President of the country intervened on behalf of the missionaries and the country stayed open. The Vice President had studied in the US and had been befriended by Christians. Although he never publicly received Christ, his experience of love and friendship by Christians kept an entire country open to the Gospel.

One thing you can do is connect International students with Christian families. God will use it, perhaps in ways you will never know!

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