Tuesday, July 8, 2014

YOU Are the Biggest Asset of Your Ministry!

You are the main thing your College Ministry has going for it.....pretty scary huh! God created you with specific gifts and abilities. So, make sure you are utilizing them to the fullest. Don't slight your strengths to work on your weaknesses. Don't ignore your weaknesses, but don't let them keep you from being the best you. If you are a speaker, then spend time preparing to speak. If you are an organizer, spend time organizing. this is not an excuse to do poorly in other areas. But, it is a reminder that you need to plan and work in a way that utilizes your strengths/gifts to the max.

You are the FACE of your ministry. Parents look for people to be a role model and an example to their sons and daughters. I've seen ministries that parents told their kids to stay away from.....because of the leader. Potential financial supporters want to invest in the ministry of some one in whom they believe. Most great ministries have an identifying face. You are that face. People identify with people. You must be responsible to embody the ministry that you lead.

One year our ministry had large professionally printed posters all around campus. I got on an elevator in a men's dorm and someone had taped one of our posters on the wall of the elevator. I got off the elevator at my floor. A few minutes later, I got back on the same elevator....someone had spit on the picture of me. I took it that my face had not drawn them to our ministry. For better or worse, you are the face....it is daunting....it is scary...it is a responsibility....it is a stewardship.

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