Thursday, August 14, 2014

College Ministries in the U.S. - Baptist Collegiate Ministry

This the fourth in a series of posts about different College Ministries basic stats (Chi Alpha - 5/13; Cru - 5/17; MBSF - 5/27). Southern Baptists have just released figures for this past school year.

777 Campuses with a Baptist Collegiate Ministry ( A variety of names are used in different states.)

85,306 students involved

3,614 students accepting Christ

$7,607,934 contributions to missions

669 full time staff/377 part time - 1,046 total

205 churches with full time College Ministers

Mark Whitt located at Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville is the National Coordinator. Historians disagree as to whether the movement began in Texas or Mississippi.

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  1. I know this is a SUPER old post... but a few questions:
    - What year did BCM start?
    - Do those 85,000 included college students involved in Baptist churches as well?
    - Are there updated stats for 2016?